Coffee Concentrate (2-Pack)

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If you know, you know...

3 times as strong as our Ready-to-Drink, this concentrate will surely keep you going through whatever life throws at you. This 1 Litre bottle will stand up nicely in your fridge and keep you going for up to 13 cups!

This concentrate is our O.G. New Orleans Style recipe - A blend of Honduras Fair-Trade coffee mixed with a hint of chicory root for a well-rounded chocolatey taste. Brewed for 18 hours for a sweet, aromatic & bright coffee punch that lacks the bitterness and acidity of the modern 'iced coffee'.

Black & unsweetened, let this concentrate be the base for your Iced Lattes, Smoothies & Cocktails. Really, you can do whatever you want with this stuff so let that creativity run and if you come up with something cool, tag us would ya? @stationcoldbrew

*1 Litre - Makes up to 13 cups

*Fresh product. Must be refrigerated.

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