Oat M*lk Lattes

Cafe Quality Coffee, No Barista Required.

Winter Spice Concentrate

Here for a limited time.
No Barista Required

Why are all grab and go coffees packed with sugar and junk? Why do we constantly have to sacrifice quality for convenience? We want to change that.

Station is a cafΓ© in a can. Made with all the great stuff you expect from your local coffee shop and without all the junk that doesn't belong. Always ready to go when you are - no barista required.

First Time here?
Starter Packs

It's ok, we know decisions are tough.Β Grab a Cold Brew or Cascara Starter Pack and sample them all before committing to a full case. And hey, we gotta make sure you're looking the part so we'll throw in a badass cup and can Koozie too.

Go from Late to Latte
Oat M*LK Lattes

Say goodbye to the $5 Starbucks latte. Grab a perfectly balanced Oat M*lk Latte right from your fridge. Made with 100% ethically sourced coffee and Canadian grown oats. These bad boys will be your new daily treat. For real, your taste buds and wallet will thank you.

Clean Caffeine punch to Start your Day
Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brewed for 18 hours and double filtered for a sweet, aromatic & bright coffee that lacks the bitterness and acidity of a modern cup o'joe. Goes down SMOOOTH.

Low caffeine to keep ya steady & focused
Cascara Sparkling Iced Tea

Loaded with antioxidants and holds slightly sweet floral tea-like notes. Traditionally discarded by farmers, this superfruitΒ is the foundation of our delicious & refreshing iced tea.

flexin' in

I've been weaned off Starbucks forever! In the morning I can just pop open the fridge and grab an amazing oatmilk latte. No line, no rush.


Danielle 'always last on the zoom call' Harris

"My office is now set up in my bedroom so it's hard to adjust and be efficient throughout the day but Station keeps me on track and focused"


Rachel '45+ tabs open at once' Stevens

"I'm saving sooo much on my morning coffee. With the Concentrate I mix an awesome coffee every day at a fraction of the cost"


Rob 'walks up 2 steps at a time' McDonald