We believe life is full of compromise but your Time, your Health and your Planet shouldn't make that list. Station was born to broaden the possibilities of your daily ritual without compromising the important stuff.

After a trip to Brooklyn back in 2013, we realized something. Why are all of the grab and go beverages full of artificial ingredients, heaps of sugar and made with poor quality ingredients? Why are we always compromising flavour for function?

Inspired and determined to evolve the beverage industry, Station was born. Since day one, it’s been our goal to handcraft products that sit at the intersection of quality and convenience. Products that taste great, you can feel good about putting in your body and give you the fuel you need to make the most of every moment - without compromise.

Cold Brewing is pretty simple and is exactly what it sounds like. Coffee brewed with cold water, using a long period of time instead of heat to extract from the beans. The end result is a smooth, naturally sweet, coffee that lacks the bitterness and acidity you’ll find in a traditional iced coffee.

Although Cold Brew is relatively new on the beverage shelf, its deep roots date back centuries to ancient Japan and 18th century French Soldiers. We’ve studied the traditional methods of Cold Brewing and through our own innovative process, bring you Canada’s Finest Quality Cold Brew Coffee.

Cascara is the Superfruit that surrounds the coffee bean. It's loaded with antioxidants and holds slightly sweet, floral tea-like notes. Traditionally discarded by farmers, this Superfruit has now become the foundation for this delicious & refreshing Iced Tea.

All of our beverages are handcrafted and packaged at our Brewery which we’ve coined “Canada’s First Coffee Brewery”. Located just outside of Downtown Toronto, this is our hub for all things Station. It’s here where we are meticulously dedicated to our craft and ensure that every drop of coffee that leaves the building meets our quality standards. This attention to detail is what we feel truly sets us apart.

We are committed to sourcing the best quality ingredients. Our Coffee Beans and our Cascara are responsibly sourced using fair trade policies to support our commitment to quality products that don't compromise your health or your planet.

Through our own innovative process, our coffee beans and cascara are infused in cold water for 18 hours and brewed in small batches to guarantee quality and consistency.

During the brew process, our Cold Brew Coffee is infused with Nitrogen and our Cascara is Carbonated with C02. Then, all of our beverages are pushed through our custom filtration system to create a clean product with a long shelf-life.

We take our craft very seriously and take our time to do things well without cutting corners. That is why every drop that leaves our brewery is approved by our Brewmaster & Co-Founder, Mike Roy.

We package all of our beverages at Canada's First Coffee Brewery. Available in 5 formats - something for everyone at any point in your day.

Handcrafting products that bring to life the power of the coffee plant. We believe the natural energy from the coffee fruit is the fuel necessary for the modern, fast-paced, demanding lifestyle.