Coffee without Compromise

Life is full of compromise, but we believe your time, your health and your planet shouldn't make that list. From the beginning our goal has been to broaden the possibilities of your daily Coffee ritual without compromising on the important stuff.

Like most people, I'm constantly on the go. Rushing to work or out for the weekend, often without the luxury of brewing up a nice pour over in the morning. This was especially true for me back in 2013. I found myself waiting in line at the local coffee shop, which made me even more late. So instead, I would often end up grabbing a bottled frapp, or worse a Red Bull, at the corner store just to get that morning boost. I needed that quick pick me up, but I felt awful after drinking these things. 

I started to ask myself, why are all grab and go beverages full of artificial ingredients, heaps of sugar and made with poor quality ingredients? Why do I always have to compromise quality for function? I figured others surely must feel the same.

That same year I travelled down to Brooklyn to visit a friend who gave me my first intro to Cold brew Coffee. I was blown away. Here was a cold coffee that had virtually no bitterness or acidity. He had a jug in his fridge and could quickly pour it and go - no wasted time. 

Back in Toronto I began searching for someone to help me perfect my own. I connected with our brew master Mike who was making small batch Cold Brew out of the back of a Cafe kitchen before anyone really knew what that heck this stuff was. We began brewing with 3 key values in mind

Better ingredients that are better for you and better for the planet.

Steve Ballantyne - Founder